Sourcing Service

I use this China sourcing service to help you find the direct manufacturer of your product in China. You will receive their contact information, including compnay name, Email address, telephone number, etc. And also you will receive 0-5 price list with all of the specifications you need. In the premium package, you will receive the best price guarantee in China.

I will source manufacturers or suppliers in china

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Best Price in China
5 Direct Contacts
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3 Direct Contacts
3 Price Lists



1 Direct Contact
0 Price List

Are you tired of middle-men on Alibaba?
Do you feel a headache to choose a trusted supplier?
You are in the right gig to solve all of these headaches.

Why am I a special sourcing agent?
✔ Transparent sourcing only
✔ Full A-Z sourcing services
✔ On the ground in China
✔ Over 10 years experience in selling and sourcing
✔ Information is full and accurate
✔ Organize information in one excel file

Best Price Guarantee in Premium Package
In the PREMIUM package, I will find you the best price in China. If you find a cheaper price than I do based on the same quality, you receive refund.

-If you haven’t talked to me before order, your order will be cancelled.
-I cannot find any product.
-Alibaba is one of the sites I use.
-If you have special requirements, you may receive suppliers less than 3 or 5 in different packages. For example, a special certificate.
-I will not visit the factories. All of the research in this gig is done online.

How I do the sourcing?

In a premium package, I do the China sourcing job in 5 steps.

1. Source the China suppliers names

First, based on the studying of the products. I will get the right keywords and use different online platforms get some suppliers’ names. For example, I will use Alibaba, Made-in-China, 1688, etc. depending on which gig package you pick up.
If cannot find the right contacts online, I could go to the local market to find more options. Or even visit a trade show to find more possible suppliers. This is not common ways. Additional fees could be applied.

2. First round venting for the China suppliers

After we have talked with all the potential suppliers, we will do a first-round venting. This venting will be based on their target price, key specifications, MOQ etc. For example, their first quote will need to be in our target price range.

-Is the price in our target price range?
-Do they meet with our key specification?
-Are they a trading company or a manufacturer?

3. Second round venting for the China manufacturers

After we have got some suppliers who have the products meet in our target, we need to double check their specifications in details. For example, I may check these

-What is the material?
-Is it a good material?
-Can they add a logo? In what kind of way?
-What about their package?
-Can they provide a sample for testing? How much?
-How much shipping cost I need to pay for sea shipping and air shipping?
-What kind of payment do they accept?

4. Compare the prices in one spreadsheet

After the two steps venting, we will get the most reliable suppliers for our project. I will do a price comparison based on pricing, quality standard, package, and shipping cost options. I will pick up the best options and provide a suggestion for future discussion.

5. Capsule all details in one 5 minute video

I will record a short video to explain the details of this report. You will quickly understand all of the keys from this video in 5 minutes. It should save you tons of time instead of reading the report words by words.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you find any product?

I don’t work on fake brand or unique products. For customized product, please talk to me.
I cannot locate a manufacturer for a specific brand.

Which sites are you using for sourcing?

For a basic package, I mainly use Alibaba. For a standard package, I will add Made-in-China, Globalsources, and Google. For a premium package, I will add 1688, and Baidu. I can also visit local shops or trading shows for an extra cost.

Do you have other services?

Yes. You can refer to this service map for all of the services I provide.

Will you offer a discount?

I will only offer a discount if it is a charity project.

How can we start the sourcing?

As sourcing is a serious job, please talk to me first to avoid the order being canceled.